Mom's Pralines

Mom's Pralines family recipe created using only the freshest all organic, gluten free ingredients. The Tiffany's of Pralines!

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The Tiffany's of Pralines!

A Family Legacy.

We all have a reason why. Some of us start a business for the money, some for the freedom being an entrepreneur brings. Mom's Pralines was created with both of these reasons in mind. However, the main reason is to leave a legacy of generational wealth and accomplishment. Thanks and enjoy Mom's Pralines!

Guaranteed Fresh.

Mom's Pralines is an all natural recipe using organic ingredients. When you place an order you can rest assured that your order is made the same day and packed carefully for shipping or eagerly awaiting pick-up. We at Mom's Pralines take great pride in knowing that your praline experience is a delicious one!

Homemade With Love.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has presented some unique concerns surrounding food safety. At Mom's Pralines each piece is carefully handled during cooking and then each piece is individually wrapped before being placed in its bag for shipping/delivery. Utmost care and consideration when making these treats. Homemade with Love!

A Message of Hope

As we enter the year 2023 we will be faced with many challenges. As we attempt to navigate these challenges always take a moment to show genuine care, compassion and concern for one another. Remember to stop and enjoy the Pralines!

"These pralines are amazing! The ones you buy in the French Quarter are not even in the same game compared to these jewels!"

Richard Trenholme

"Shockingly delicious. Picked up a bag at my local farmer's market. Highly recommended!"

Jordan Stolper

"I purchased a bag of these for myself and a 2 tier Christmas tin to give as a gift. I ate every single one myself. These are addictive. Help."

Christine Alling